Mulligan's Steel Lintel Jig

Mulligan's SLJ is a brand new product by Builders Innovate Ltd. It takes all the hassle out of building on steel lintels!

Why use the S.L.J?

I came up with the idea of the jig after seeing for years the problems that bricklayers have when building on top of a steel lintel.

Lintels are a steel support that is used over windows and doors.

The problem is that when cement is put on the lintel for the blocks or bricks, it won't dry quickly enough because of the steel and the blocks or bricks will start tipping forward off the lintel

How to use the S.L.J?

The Jig has a slot which allows you to slide the jig on to the lintel. You then place a level or straight edge on the top of the jig which provides an edge to hold up the blocks or bricks and stops them tipping over!

Why is it called a Jig?

In the building trade, a jig is a tool that makes it easier and faster to do a particular job. Examples of jigs include:
  • Hinge Jig
  • Lock Jig
  • And now, the Lintel Jig

Where can I buy one?!

We are in the process of working to get these out to retailers, if you wish to place an order, please contact us.

The jig can currently be purchased at:
  • Some Jewson's Branches (Ring for availability)
  • Redhill and Reigate Plumbing Centre
  • William Way Builders Merchant (Godstone)